SBN Trinidad & Tobago 

Meeting Venue:

Valpark Chinese Restaurant, Valpark shopping Centre, Trinidad, West Indies

Meeting Days & Time:

Meeting Days & Time: Fridays 8.30am –  10.00am


Nicole Yorke – Branch Director


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Our Members

Dwayne McMillan

Mobile App Developer

Dwayne McMillan is an entrepreneur who has actively been in the IT Services industry since 2009.He is the Chief Technical Officer for a Software Development company called D.Antonio Investment Services, whose main focus is on Mobile App Development and Cloud Services.Dwayne Also holds the portfolio of Executive Director SBN Trinidad and Tobago and is a…

Most wanted professionals

  • SEO Consultant
  • Florist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Web Designer
  • Banker
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Plumber
  • Massage Therapist
  • Architect

Why Join SBN?… Hear from the members

  • “Being part of a localised group that meets regularly has helped me refine the way I explain what Skills Hive does and start to establish a pipeline of opportunity among businesses in my area.”

    Mike Orchard
  • “With SBN, I have been able to propel my business to heights I never thought I could reach so quickly. Through referrals from SBN, we have built a large clientele and worked for several international clients. Certainly worth a try!”

    Christian Junior
  • “If you / your family / friends / work colleagues need anything that you don’t know where to go for it, call me. I probably know a tried and trusted person who can help. From printing to plumbing to physiotherapy. Financial advice to garden maintenance. Anything!”


    Peter Schneiter
  • SBN is here to make a difference in the business world as we continue to develop local and international businesses. SBN is unique, we track our progress weekly and report to the team periodically showing you how valuable your SBN membership is to you and us.

    Raymond McMillan

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